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At Ph.Creative, we love to share. With equal parts creativity and curiosity, we create valuable content for our clients and friends all over the world.  

Whether it’s an inside look at the latest recruitment tech or a strategic insight into all things employer brand, in our blog there’s a little bit of something to satisfy all of your interests.

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Showing: 7 to 12 of 37

SEO Part 4

SEO for Careers Websites - Part 4

Part 4: What to measure, why mobile matters, and why speed makes a difference We’ve been on a whistle-stop tour of the world of SEO for careers websites, and in this fourth and final blog, we’ve some…

SEO Part 3

SEO for Careers Websites - Part 3

Part 3: How good housekeeping helps your SEO, and why Google For Jobs is your friend So far in this series of blogs we’ve looked at site structure and careers categories, compelling content and job…

SEO Part 2

SEO for Careers Websites - Part 2

Part 2: Compelling content and the perfect job description In part one of this series of blogs, we looked at the importance of site structure and careers categories. In part two it’s time to focus on…

SEO Part 1

SEO for Careers Websites - Part 1

Part 1: Tell your story... Site structure and category pages To get the right eyes onto your job ads, and get your business moving forward, it’s vital to pay attention to Search Engine Optimization to…

Ph Fast Content Part 5

Careers and Employer Branding - Part 5

Part 5: What your careers website needs to be successful To wrap up this short series of blogs, it’s time to cut to the chase. What are the ingredients you need to throw into the mix to end up with a…

Ph Fast Content Part 4

Careers and Employer Branding - Part 4

Part 4: Maintaining a global multilingual careers website The war for talent isn’t local, or even regional. It’s global. The best candidates are in demand all around the world, and they can pick and…

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