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Blog Post 3

Growing Globally & An Introduction to our New Chief People Officer

We're growing up and expanding our horizons across New Zealand and Australia, with the exciting hire of our new chief people officer, and regional director for the region, Jeanette Kehoe-Perkinson.

Employer Branding, Operations, Talent Attraction, Career Sites May 12 4 min read
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Blog Post 1

How To Write Gender-Neutral Job Pages

Our free tool, Job Page Grader, in partnership with Beamery, analyses your job pages, and suggests ways in which they can improve. In a previous blog, we explored the topic of gender bias, whereby...

Talent Attraction, SEO Oct 20
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Blog Post 2

How to increase job applications from your job ads

Together with our partners, Beamery, we’re excited about our new tool that helps everyone create better job pages and get better quality job applications. Job Page Grader looks at a whole host of...

SEO, Talent Attraction Oct 20
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Blog Post 33

How To Optimize Your Job Visibility With SEO

Together with our partners at Beamery, we’ve created a free tool, Job Page Grader, to make it easy to understand what makes a great job page, and how everyone can create one and find better...`

SEO, Talent Attraction Oct 20
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Blog Post 4 Copy

Avoiding gender bias In job adverts is simple

We’ve created the free-to-use tool Job Page Grader with our partners Beamery to help anyone that’s creating a job page make it engaging, effective, and successful in attracting the candidates they...

SEO, Talent Attraction Oct 20
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Blog Post 5

How Job Page Grader Works

We’ve created Job Page Grader to help everyone create better job pages. They’re a key component in communicating your employer brand, and a huge factor in the success of your talent attraction...

SEO, Talent Attraction Oct 20
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