We're looking for:

Account Manager


Job Title: Account Manager

Location: San Diego

Salary: Dependent on experience

Employment: Full Time

Department: Client Services

The Role

At Ph.Creative we have a vision that one day everyone will love their job. We want to help everyone find their perfect job in a perfectly matched team.

We’re a globally recognised leading employer-branding agency. We’re changing how businesses prioritise the value of who they are as an employer. We’re committed to helping them discover the true value they can offer to the people who join them.

We’re not satisfied with doing a good job. We’re out to create impact and positive change, and we raise the bar at every chance we get. We’re uncompromising and we love, live and breathe our work. We know the value we can offer you.

“We work hard but always have time to help each other and discuss ideas.”

Paola Paulucci
- Account Executive
Magellan Health

We’re creative, effective, brave, and fun, and we want you to be too.

So here’s a couple of questions for you…

  • Are you brave enough to reject work that’s not good enough to put in front of your clients?
  • Are you open to exploring new ways to find the solutions we need to deliver client success?
  • Are you willing to think like an owner and prioritise doing the right thing by your clients?
  • Do you take your work seriously and put yourself into everything you deliver?
  • And, at the same time, do you remember not to take yourself too seriously?

You can tell the answers we're looking for. So you should have a pretty good idea what it takes to fit right in here. But what’s in it for you?

“All of the account management team take the time to support each other. We share ideas, share in each other’s success and share a helping hand when it’s needed. It’s a proper team.”

Mike Hazlehurst
- Client Services Director

What we're looking for

We’ll support and focus you to reach your full potential. In return, we’ll expect to see you progress and excel, striving towards being the best you can be.

We only want team players. If you’re the kind of person to go it alone most of the time, this isn’t the place for you. Our team ethic is strong and integral to reaching new heights; we’re always learning and improving as a team.

When it comes to you focusing on your clients, we call it our ‘Jerry Maguire’ principle. That means less clients, more relationships. We want you to care about the success of your clients and how you can make them happy. Our Account Directors will be there to guide and support you. The number one KPI you’re measured on in this role is client happiness.

You'll need a deep love and knowledge of employer brand and talent attraction. We'll surround you with a world-class creative and strategic team. Our philosophy and culture is second to none. We offer new perspectives and levels of quality that our industry has never seen before.

Benefits & Perks

On top of all of these, you get to become a member of the Ph. family; a dedicated and eclectic bunch who like to work hard, produce results and put creativity at the heart of everything we do.

  • 25 days holiday plus eight days Bank Holiday
  • Medicash cover and pension after three months service
  • Extra day off for your Birthday
  • Enjoy our Peroni & Pino Friday afternoons!
  • Company pension scheme

Want to find somewhere you love working?

If we get to meet you, we’ll want to see how well you can explain things in simple basic terms.

We want to meet someone we can trust to be assertive, professional and effective.

You'll also be relaxed enough to remember to smile, and remind people why working with us is fun.