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At Ph.Creative, we love to share. With equal parts creativity and curiosity, we create valuable content for our clients and friends all over the world.  

Whether it’s an inside look at the latest recruitment tech or a strategic insight into all things employer brand, in our blog there’s a little bit of something to satisfy all of your interests.

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Showing: 13 to 18 of 37

Ph Fast Content Part 1

Careers and Employer Branding - Part 1

Part 1: What’s the purpose of a careers website today? Introduction Your careers website has an increasingly vital role to play in your talent attraction activities. Rather than just an online notice…

Jobpagegrader Blog2 2

How Job Page Grader Works

We’ve created Job Page Grader to help everyone create better job pages. They’re a key component in communicating your employer brand, and a huge factor in the success of your talent attraction...

Reckless Kid

Lights, Smartphones, Action!

There’s an art to compiling effective UGC communications. It can be used to attract the talent you need to your organization (and repel the applicants who won’t make the grade).

Jobpagegrader Blog1 2

Why Well-Designed Job Pages Are Critical To Hiring The Best Candidate

Are you doing all you can to create job pages that bring you the perfect candidates for your business or grow your candidate pool? You sure about that? There’s plenty of businesses and organisations..

Getting The Most From Google 2

Getting the Most from Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is one of the easiest ways of attracting candidates through to a careers website. Our blog and beginners guide gives you tips to reduce job board spend by utilising the free service.


Is SEO the most under-utilized tactic in your careers website and talent attraction strategy?

For some reason, SEO is still largely under-utilized within the average recruitment marketing strategy.

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